Who are we?

Meet Sarah and Geoff

Elevate is the brainchild of Christchurch based couple Geoff and Sarah Lanagan.

The pair recognised the value of online video advertising as a powerhouse in the modern marketing world and have combined their professional videography experience and love of story telling with their digital marketing skill and expertise to create Elevate Digital.

Thanks to Elevate, businesses across Christchurch and wider New Zealand are benefiting from online video advertising with increased sales, website traffic and ROI, higher conversion rates, increased store visits and a greater online following.

Above all else, Elevate aim to help kiwi businesses realise their dreams and achieve their goals.

…It’s all in the name, ELEVATE your business with Elevate Digital.

Elevate Digital

Geoff Lanagan

Hey, Geoff here! Co-founder and Director here at Elevate. I’ve been playing around with cameras since I was very young and have always had a love for creating, this has lead me to owning my own video advertising business. On the weekends, you’ll find me mooching around the backcountry chasing the elusive brown trout. My superpower? Videography, editing and lighting (it’s the little things that make all the difference!).

Elevate Digital founder Geoff Lanagan

Sarah Lanagan

Hey there, I’m Sarah, Co-Founder and Director at Elevate. While I’d definitely call myself a creative at heart, I come from a sales and marketing background, so setting goals and achieving results is engrained in my ethos. I’m competitive too! (not only in the office, but also when it comes to “out-fishing” my husband). My superpower? Digital planning, strategy and coming up with crazy creative ideas!

Sarah Lanagan Elevate digital founder

Pat Lanagan

Pat here, HR.
I’m only four so I don’t have a “background” to speak of but I help by keeping the humans in check using my winning combination of high fives, snuggles and unconditional love. When I’m not in the office you’ll find me fetching, lounging or eating.
My superpower? cleaning the kitchen floor with my tongue and sniffing tennis ball’s out of peoples gardens!

Elevate Digital heading dog Pat